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Name: Jun Wu

Birth Place: Chongqing

Tel/Fax: 0086-23-65461677
E-mail: junwupro1@yahoo.com.cnor wu54006@foxmail.com


l        1979.07-1984.07 Department of Clinical Medicine, the Third Military Medical University, bachelor’s degree of medicine.

l        1984.09-1987.07 Graduate student majoring in pathology, the Third Military Medical University, master’s degree of medical pathology


Work experience:

l        Assistant, then instructor of Department of Pathology, the Third Military Medical University

l        Visiting Research Fellow engaging in immunology of transplantation, in Academy of Medicine, University of Verona, Italy

l        1995.02-present  Professor engaging in wound healing and transplantation immunology in the Institute of Burn Research, Southwest Hospital, the Third Military Medical University; Supervisor of master and doctor student.


Present post and rank:

l        Director of Institute of Burn Research, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University

l        Vice chairman of Chinese Doctor Society of Burn Injury

l        Vice chairman of the Organ Transplantation Committee of PLA

l        Vice chairman of Burn Injury Committee of PLA

l        Vice chairman of Chongqing Bioengineering Society, China

l        Commissioner of Society of Organ Transplantation, Chinese Medical Association

l        Director of Chongqing Key Lab for Diseases Proteomics



l        Second-class prize winner of the National Science and Technology Advancement, 2006

l        Second-class prize winner of the Science and Technology Advancement of PLA, 2003

l        Williams Prize winner of Israel Burn Society, 1992




l        Precise diagnosis of burn injury depth by multi-spectral imaging. 1,750,000RMB NSFC 2010

l        Graft Sustenance System. 300,000RMB The Scientific and Technological Committee of Chongqing 2008

l        Construction of Chongqing Key laboratory of Proteomics of Disease. 1,000,000RMB The Scientific and Technological Committee of Chongqing 2006

l        The role of the interaction between P311 and ITGB4BP in the trans-differentiation of myofibroblast. 280,000RMB NSFC 2007

l        Study of the key technology of chitin and animal-derived material tissue engineering skin. 8,000,000RMB The National High Technology Research and Development Project of China (863 Project) 2007

l        The regulatory roles of ITGB4BP in hypertrophic scar formation. 900,000RMB National Key Lab Fundation 2008

l        Gene modified pig skin as the biodressing for burn wounds. 12,000,000RMB National Dev&Ref Dept Industrial Fundation 2005



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Chinese Patent: No. ZL 00103528.2

CTLA4Ig-gene transferred pig skin for burn wound covering.


Research interests:

1.       Transplantation immunology

2.       Wound healing, regeneration medicine and biomaterials

3.       Diseases proteomics


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